:: Nama ::    Syakirah bt Kapli

:: Asal ::    Kedah

:: Tarikh Lahir ::    9 Sept 1985   (bday thn ni- 09/09/09) hehe  menarik x?


:: Edu. Background::

SKM (1992-1997)  :  1-6 Mawar kot

SMKAB  (1998-2002)   :  1-3  Abu Bakar, 4-5  Ibnu Sina

KMM (2003-2004)   :   Fizikal 8 and 17 kot..hehe

UMP (2004-2008)   :    BAT – B.Eng(Hons) Civil.UMP


:: E-mails ::




PerSonaliTy Test

Aku ada buat personality test. Resultnya seperti yg terpapar di sebelah kanan tuh. Detailnya adalah seperti di bawah.hehe.. Aku tergolong dalam kod INTJ.  Iaitu Introverted. iNtuition. Thinking. Judging.

NTJs are introspective, analytical, determined persons with natural leadership ability. Being reserved, they prefer to stay in the background while leading. Strategic, knowledgable and adaptable, INTJs are talented in bringing ideas from conception to reality. They expect perfection from themselves as well as others and are comfortable with the leadership of another so long as they are competent. INTJs can also be described as decisive, open-minded, self-confident, attentive, theoretical and pragmatic.



One Response to “::AbOuT mE!!::”

  1. Mohd. Fikri Says:

    Huih..bdk smkab gak ke? sya pon smkab gak..

    Hahaha..bila nk update lg? letak album gambar ke..huhu

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